According to the Housing Act, the National Housing code is delegated legislation which is biding on Provincial and local government. this means that the code should be treated the same as legislation. this principle has also been confirmed by the courts. the Constitutional Court has recognized that the code was enacted to give effect to … More EMERGENCY HOUSING PROGRAMME

Housing Assembly Unlawful Occupation bylaw response

Submissions on the Draft Unlawful Occupation By-Law for the City of Cape Town On behalf of the Housing Assembly, we hereby submit the following comments on the Draft Unlawful Occupation By-law developed by the City of Cape Town. Chapter 1. Section 1 Definitions. This section must also define to us what is the difference between … More Housing Assembly Unlawful Occupation bylaw response

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Housing Assembly (@housingassembly) Tweeted: Housing Assembly Fully supports the struggle Particularly those who have been victims of @myNSFAS for delaying the process of Payments and Students ending up being evicted by the Private accommodation landlords. @northlink @GroundUp_News @eNCA @SABCNews @SAfmnews @TenantsUnionSA https://t.co/7vqPYAYcGK https://twitter.com/housingassembly/status/1370100462196813828?s=20