Housing Assembly donation letter

The Housing Assembly
Cape Town

05 January 2021

Dear xxx

On New Years Day a fire started in the Taiwan Cite C settlement, Khayelitsha. Because of the overcrowded living conditions of the settlement, and the harsh winds, the fire spread fast. The damage was drastic, and the area has now been declared a Local Disaster Area.
Over 300 families (roughly 1 000 people) have lost their homes as a result.
These people are now facing homelessness. They have lost all their belongings and life will inevitably have to start from scratch for these 300 families. Mothers are struggling to feed their families. Children do not have uniforms or stationary for the start of a new year of schooling.
The severity of the situation is intensified with this fire happening during the second wave of infections and during a national lockdown. People’s basic needs and livelihoods are being threatened and any sort of aid from political organisations is not forthcoming. The vulnerability of these 1 000 people is increasing day by day. As such, the vulnerability of covid infections also increases as the access to (and ability to practice) hygienic measures is depleted.
We write to you to ask for assistance in this time, in the form of donations. Stationary and toiletries are necessities at this point for children who have to start school soon. Food and clothes are also deeply necessary to sustain these 300 families as they start anew. Additionally, the victims are in need of building material and bedding.
The drop-off location for donations is Ward 87 Councillor Office, Khayelitsha.

We would greatly appreciate any form of assistance in this difficult time.
Thank you for your help in assisting the community.

The Housing Assembly.

Contact : Steven Maciko @0621519501 Kashiefa Achmat @073 182 7862 @housingassembly