Housing Assembly Solidarity Statement to Communicare Tenant s

Press Release

No Restrictions

5th July 2022

Communicare Tenant Beneficiaries –

Memorandum of Solidarity and Endorsement for Land and Property Justice

Housing Assembly Stand in Solidarity with the Communicare Tenant Beneficiaries for Land Justice to Dispossess Communicare (NPC) not for profit,of all the Social Rental Housing stock (3 375 rental housing stock) and the vast tracks of Land that is unlawfully occupied and was accumulated during the apartheid regime.
Further that the Tenant Beneficiaries obtain the Title Deeds and Home Ownership to their Homes they are currently renting for the past 30yrs from the Multi-million Rand Social Housing Giant Communicare,that captured these properties during the apartheid group areas act of 1950.
Communicare created their wealth from the lucrative exploitive rentals they collected monthly from the Social Housing Beneficiaries,including Pensioners, our vulnerable single Mothers and the Poor.
Housing Assembly further supports the Communicare Tenant Beneficiaries to dispossession of the vast tracks of vacant land Communicare obtained through irregular deals during apartheid.
We stand in Solidarity with Communicare Tenant Beneficiaries to develop this Social Housing vacant land Communicare hyjacked, to build free houses for our poor homeless communities.
Housing Assembly call on the Mayor of Cape Town, Geordin Hill-Lewis,to accept the request from the Communicare Tenant Beneficiaries to conduct a Land Audit on the vast tracks of Social Housing Land Communicare is currently illegally occupying.
The Housing Assembly call on MEC Tertuis Simmers from the Western Cape Government to investigate this corrupt Multi-million Rand Social Housing NPC Communicare,not for gain?
Communicare unlawfully sold State funded Social Housing in Ruyterwacht and on the Foreshore in Cape Town for their profits. Communicare obtained these Social Housing Rental properties through irregular means for free from the apartheid regime.The Communicare syndicate,comprising of questionable local and International investors,are illegally buying these Social Housing rental properties while 568 000 of our people are waiting for homes.
The Housing Assembly is asking MEC Tertuis Simmers,not to target individuals,but to rather target the Mega Sophisticated Social Housing Syndicates like Communicare, who built their wealth on the historic rental social housing stock that they are exploiting for financial profits.
The Housing Assembly expects MEC Simmers to investigate the Social Housing Syndicate Communicare on the same bases he is seeking to criminalize the Beneficiaries of the Highbury Park Housing Project in Kuilsriver who unlawfully sold their State Funded houses.
Housing Assembly will join the Class Action Lawsuit that the Communicare Tenant Beneficiaries will be Instituting against Communicare at the Cape High Court in Cape Town.
Our Solidarity with the Communicare Tenant Beneficiaries, will Unite Our Struggle to end the inhumane Evictions and the Exploitive Rent that has been forced for decades on our poor Communities by these ruthless Social Housing landlords like Communicare and their syndicates
This Revolutionary Class Action Lawsuit will liberate all Social Housing Victims who are currently exploited by their Social Housing landlords,backyard dwellers and those who are homeless and living in informal settlements,
Housing Assembly (HA)
Communicare Tenant Beneficiaries (CTB)
Ruyterwacht Community Association (RCA)
Thornton Housing Assembly (THA)
Albatross Housing Care (AHC)

Issued on behalf of the above Housing Activist Organizations.
Issued by,
Stephen Maciko
Housing Assembly
Cell: 062 151 9501